July 15th, 2017 Werewolf Ride. Fireworks Edition.

7 Jul


It’s that time of year again. If you haven’t already had your fill of fireworks this year, you should join me for a ride to see the best!

We will be taking a bike ride to the Berkeley Heights Firework. Let’s meet up at the Morristown Green on Saturday, July 15th at 7:45 with kickstands up at 8pm. The planned route will go through some very nice back roads of the Great Swamp (13 miles one way).

On arrival, we will WALK OUR BIKES together as a group and pay the admission together at the main entry gate.  $15/person.

We will arrive at approximately 9pm, which gives us plenty of time to chow down on some greasy carnival food, visit the beer tent for a pint or two, and even take a ride on the tilt-a-whirl. Fireworks start at 11pm and last almost an hour.

On the ride back, we will have the Swamp roads all to ourselves.  Expect to finish at the Green around 1:30am.

I’m not promoting this, but when we return to the Green, some of the wild wolves have been known to take a dip in the fountain to cool off.

Even though it’s summer, I think this is the coolest ride of the year, so don’t miss it.

Note:  This is also a BikeWalkTown event.  As usual, all rules of the road must be followed.

Bring lights and let’s ride safely.   Renegade cycling is frowned upon!



Bird is the word.


28 Jun

The Denville fireworks are a sight to see.  How about we view them from Hawkwatch?  Bring some food and beverage of your choice and lights of course.  28 miles or so.

Meet up at the Denville clock tower at 7:30.  See you there.  Awoooooooo!

P.S.  Save the date for July 15th for the Berkeley Heights fireworks leaving from Morristown.  I’ll post a write up later.

Birdman for three!


6 wolves enjoyed a perfect night of fireworks.  It was a bit rough on some of those unpaved backroads but we made it.  We saw fireworks from what appeared to be a dozen towns including New York’s.  The mosquitoes did have a feast of sweaty cyclist blood.  I’ll make a note to bring replant for the next one.  Here are some pics.  They don’t do it justice.


3 Jun

Join me for a 40 mile loop starting and finishing at Angy Erik’s Brewery.

This ride will feature the beautiful back roads of Sussex County with views of fields, dairy farms and mountains in the distance.   I cannot say this is a flat route (I don’t want to make anyone  ANGRY  with me)  The hills we do encounter will be long and gradual.

Some points of interest:   Space Farms Zoo and Museum,  Sussex Airport, Wallkill River Wildlife Refuge,  the pretty  town of Lafayette, and of course the great beer at Angry Erik’s after the ride.

The brewery does not serve food so I recommend bringing your own and keep it in a cooler in your car.

Meet up in the parking lot in the back of the brewery located at 10 Millpond Dr #8, Lafayette Township, NJ 07848.

9:45 meet up with kickstands up at 10:00 am sharp.


Ride Stats:

Distance is 40 miles.

No drop ride.  I would like to average 13-15 mph.

Terrain:    Undulating with gradual climbs and long descents.

Heavy rain cancels ride.

Don’t be angry, just bike and drink good beer 😉


The Birdman

May 12, 2017 Super Wolf!

5 May

Meet up at Denville Town Clock on Friday, 5/12 at 8:30pm for the SplitRock Super Wolf Classic Ride. It’s a tough ride but the course rewards with plenty of solitude, dirt roads and big hills.   About 20 miles. Bring adequate lights, plenty of snacks & drink.  See you in the heart of the night… Awoooooooooo


27 Apr

Let’s Keep New Jersey Weird!  The latest issue of Weird New Jersey has a nice article about the 600 year old White Oak located at the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church.  Lifetime member Bill H. informed me that it was cut down this past week.

Let’s take a ride to pay our respects.  While we’re there, let’s welcome the next generation of big trees.  I’ll also show you some other nice trees on route.

This ride will start and finish at the Morristown Green fountain.  We will meet up at 10:45am and leave at 11 sharp.

Ride stats:  No-drop ride will be approx. 23 miles.   Terrain:  Mostly flat.  Pancake flat though the Great Swamp.  A few rollers on the way back.

After the ride the Vegan Pop Up Shop is happening at The Laundromat.  There will be some very good vegan food and specialty drinks.


The Birdman.

Full Moon Adventure Werewolf Campout Jamboree, April 22-23, 2017

30 Mar

Lets camp!  I’m thinking 25 back road miles, maybe with a stop here and there, ending at Stephens State Park for the night.  Denville town clock rolling at 2pm sound okay?  I’m bringing Stromboli!  Adventure awaits…


Recap: By Birdman

What an amazing adventure!  The trip started with a light rain but it was barley noticeable.  Randolph Trails and Patriot’s Path were a nice way to avoid some exhaust fumes and enjoy some scenery.  This could have passed for a Weird New Jersey ride with our stop at “The Church of the Mystic Light”.   After that rest stop, it was time to fight gravity as we ascended River rd.   All that hard work made us thirsty for some fabulous beers at Jersey Girl Brewery.   We had such a good time there that we lost track of time and barley made it to camp with light to spare.  Our team set up camp and had a fire going in no time.  We enjoyed Dean’s Stromboli and some kielbasi as we listened to some classic MTFC.

The ride back, Bill lead us back via the very quiet Waterloo Valley road.  Stopping at Carmines Pizza in Netcong for a pepperoni pie hit the spot.   Bill continued to take us via the road less traveled and showed us some nice old foundations and also some nice lake views.

Looking forward to the next one.  Here are my pics.


16 Feb

Let’s try this again.  We’ll ride the Rockaway-Wharton-Dover classic.

Let’s meet up at the Rockaway clock tower at the intersection of West Main and Maple at 5:45pm with a 6:00pm departure.  We’ll ride a dozen easy miles.

Food and drinks at the Exchange after.


Ride Recap:

5 of us enjoyed the mild temps for a February ride.  We were immediately treated to a marvelous view of Foxs Pond/Parks Lake as the lights were reflecting off the lake. We took it slow up the hills of Rockaway.  You know the saying “what goes up…”, well Richard mine road is always a fun descent.  The paths were a little tricky maneuvering with the ice/mud.  Wharton rail trail was clear.  We had a nice conversation with the attendant of Bill Young’s Service Center.  I hope to see him at a future ride.  On our way to the canal park, I saw something flapping in the road.  It was a $5 bill!  cha ching!  We took a short break at the canal lock and decided to leave the way we came in due to challenging trails.  Bill took us by Rocky’s Pasties.  Too bad it was closed.  We’ll have to revisit during business hours.  Beer and grub was great at the Exchange.  We quenched our thirst while discussing future rides while the band played some old Johnny Cash.  Good times.  See you next month.  Ahhwoooooo!