April 1st, 2015 Werewolf Bike n Hike

17 Mar

For this months Werewolf ride, let’s do a Bike n Hike.  Lifetime member Douglas V. will be leading a full moon hike at Pyramid Mountain. Let’s meet up at the Denville clock tower at 5:45pm with kickstands up at 6pm.  We will ride aprox. 8 miles with one challenging hill.  Bring lights and hiking shoes.  Here are the hike details.

Wednesday, April 1

Full Moon Hike: Moderate

Ages 16 & Up.

Join a hike to view the first full moon of the spring, whether you call it the Sprouting-Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, or the Fish Moon. Watch the sun set and the full moon rise from the Pyramid Mountain. ridge top. Flashlights welcome.

Time: 7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Location: Pyramid Mountain.

Cost: $5 per person.

Call to register at 973-334-3130.

Back to Back Werewolf. Friday March 6th and Saturday March 7th.

16 Feb

I will be leading a short ride Friday night  March 6th to the  Minstrel acoustic concert series to see Jean Rohe and the End Of The World Show with The Lords of Liechtenstein on Friday, March 6th.

Admission: $9 on your way in plus the balance of what you
think the show was really worth on your way out. All tickets are at the
There are no advance sales or reservations. Show starts at 8:00 pm.

Let’s meet at the Morristown Green Fountain at 7pm with kickstands up at 7:10pm. The ride is approximately 2 ½ miles one way. Don’t forget to bring lights.  This info is also on Meetup.  Sign up for Bike and Walk Morristown if you havn’t already.

Saturday night March 7th, Let’s meet up at the Green at 7pm and ride the Morristown Classic.  We’ll ride Patriot’s path if it’s clear.

After ride food and drinks at Hops.



February 7th, 2015. Werewolf Moustache Ride.

4 Feb

I grew out my beard and moustache so I can  keep warm on these cold winter nights.  If you have facial hair, come join us for a fun ride.  If you don’t have facial hair, come join us anyway and you can make fun of the mustache’s on our ride(we know your jealous).

Let’s meet up at the Denville clock tower Saturday night at 7:00 pm.  We’ll let the wolves who show up decide on the route.   See you there!  Awwwoooooooooo!!!


We miss the Dogman!  Here he is in his band Monster Truck Fan Club

Ride Recap:

Fun times on our ride last night. The weather was pretty mild for a February night. Five of us ventured out for an easily paced ride up to the viewpoint on Charlotteburg Rd. It was slightly overcast but we were able to get a decent view of the New York skyline. We sipped on some Lancaster Winter Warmers (wolf themed beer) while enjoying the view that the camera could not quite capture.

Descending down Spitrock Rd was exhilarating! The snow lined roads made the already narrow road feel like we were bobsledding down a luge.

At the bottom of the hill, as we all regrouped, one wolf had broken his chain! Fortunately I carry a chain tool in my handlebar bag and he was able to fix it in a matter of minutes.

The moon was not particularly full or very bright, but the snowy landscape made it very it quite easy to see our surroundings.

We rode aprox 14 miles which was farther than I was planning.

After the ride, the whole group went to Thatcher McGhee’s for a taste of tradition Irish fare and some really good beer. We toasted our ride as we discussed future rides. Always a howling good time.

IMG_0375 IMG_0377 IMG_0379 IMG_0381 IMG_0383  IMG_0386IMG_2251 IMG_2253 IMG_2259

January 3rd, 2015. LET’S GO BOWLING! RESCHEDULED FOR January 10th.

30 Dec

Rain and sleet forcast for tonights ride. I think it’s best to put it off a week and hope for dryer weather.

I’ve been enjoying some biking in this unseasonable warm weather.   After looking at the extended forcast, it is calling for some cold nights.  What do we do when it’s cold outside?  We go bowling!  How about we meet up at the Morristown Green fountain this Saturday night at 8:00pm.  We’ll take a easy spin to Plaza Lanes bowling alley in Madison.  Round trip distance will be aprox. 15 miles.

Anybody who brings a bowling ball will be treated to a free game.

If your lucky, you might even see some turkeys or maybe even a chicken.


The Birdman in his early years.

Well grab your shoes, and grab your balls And lets head to those heavenly halls Sit on down and grab a beer Because bowling time is pretty near Tortured men forget their pain When they head to the bowling lane

Let’s go bowling Let’s go bowling, got a

Let’s go bowling, for a free game Let’s go bowling Let’s go bowling, let’s go bowling Let’s do it now

Because wrestlemania’s fine by me Monster trucks are a sight to see A culture like that’s nice and all But there ain’t nothing better than a bowling ball You know the sport that God would choose Is the one with the three-tone leather-sole shoes

What a great ride we had as seven uf us braved the frigid temperatures on this crisp and clear night. We took a little short break on the Traction line to sample some “Werewolf Beer”. It was very tasty and also slushy(Yes, it was that cold out). I barely had feeling in my fingers and toes when we arrived to the alley. We had a blast eating pizza and quesadillas while sipping various beers from the bar. There were some amusing bowling skills demonstrated as well. While the scores were not so high, the spirit was. We stayed until closing! The ride back was even colder but for some reason, I felt warmer. I took a few videos and pics I’d like to share. See ya next moon!

IMG_0300 IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_1987 IMG_1988 IMG_1991 IMG_1993 IMG_2001 IMG_2003 IMG_2005 IMG_2007 IMG_2012 IMG_2013 IMG_2014 IMG_2015 IMG_2016 IMG_2017

December 13th, 2014. Werewolf Ride

11 Dec

I miss riding with my fellow wolves. I know the full moon was last week but I say better late than never. I have not been riding much of late and my legs feel like lead. Lets do a short easy ride around Denville this Saturday night. We can make it an adventure and look for the coolest Christmas lights. I’m open to any suggestions.
Let’s meet up at the Denville clock tower at 7 pm with kickstands up at 7:15. As usual, we’ll get an after ride beer somewhere.

The Birdman.

Update: I just found out there will be many cool things happening this Saturday night. First, there is going to be the Geminid Meteor shower happening. We can climb the hill to the Sheep Hill Observatory and check it out.
After, we can coast down the hill to Poor Henry’s and check out Life member Maribyrd and her sister. Sisterly Harmonies with Kathy :) Special Guests The Coteries!
Then after some great beer and music, we can take it easy riding through Mountain Lakes and check out their Christmas lights.
I did say it would be a short and easy ride. 14 miles and we will take it really slow up the big hill (I promise ;)

Recap:  I had 4 lifetime members join me for the ride.  We climbed up to the observatory pretty slow but that hill still kicks my butt no matter how you go up it.  On top we were greeted a cloudy sky and nobody else there.  For the hard effort put in, I rewarded us with some beer from my growler I brought up in my pannier.

Poor Henry’s was a really nice treat.  Great tunes from Sisterly Harmonies and the beer did not disapoint.  The ride back is just what we needed to burn off some of those calories.  Here are a few pics.  Until next time.

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November 8, 2014 Bicycle Beer Ride

30 Oct

Awooooooo!  I have not had time to do much fun riding lately and I miss the full moon werewolves!  I’m sure I have missed some great times!

I’m not sure if there will be a full moon ride in November or if we will just piggyback on Peter’s Beer Ride!  Always a highlight of the year for me, a really nice ride to an awesome destination.

Posting below on behalf of Peter. Thanks Birdman!  Hoping to hit the road with you guys!

-Dean Dogman

Well, its that time of year again when we saddle up our steeds and take a ride up to one of my favorite breweries. Here is the scoop.
Let’s meet up at the clock tower in Denville at 11:45 and plan on starting at noon. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4320577
We will enjoy a nice ride through the Rockaway Valley where we might get lucky and see some llamas. We’ll also check out some scenic views of the Butler Reservoir. The destination will be the High Point Brewing Co Inc Brewery (14 miles one way). They will have a tour of the brewery starting at 2pm. Once there, we will be enjoying a nice selection of Ramstein beer. http://www.ramsteinbeer.com/pages/beers/beers_flagships.html
After we sample and load up with beer(I’m talking about loading up the panniers ;), we’ll cycle back with beautiful views of the Boonton Reservoirs and Pyramid Mountain.
This will be a casual pace and a no drop ride. I will offer some challenges to anybody who wants a workout.

I have yet to find out if there will be food at the brewery. I will update when I get more info.
.You might want to bring some snacks to keep you fueled before then.
I will try to have car support for bringing back growlers and a tired rider or two. If there are any volunteers, please contact me.
This is an open event, so please share it with anybody that might be interested.
Let’s ride/drink!

October 9th, 2014. Werewolf Ride.

3 Oct

Hey Wolves!

If you haven’t already heard, Greystone Psychiatric Hospital will be demolished sometime this month. We’ve done some great rides here in the past so I think we should visit this historic place one last time before it’s gone. Let’s meet up Thursday evening, October 9th, 2014.
This ride will have three different starting places.

Start option 1: Meet me at the Denville clock tower at 6:45pm with kickstands up at 7pm sharp and ride 5 miles to the corner of Franklin Pl and 202, by Arthur’s Tavern in Morris Plains.

Start option 2: Meet lifetime member Stephen at Morristown Green Fountain at 6:45pm with kickstands up at 7pm sharp and ride 3 miles to corner of Franklin Pl and 202, by Arthur’s Tavern.

Start option 3: Meet in front of Arthur’s Tavern at 7:30pm and wait for both groups to show up.

From there, we will ride a 3 mile loop up spooky Central Ave to view the Kirkbridge building. Bring some ghost stories!
Afterwards, we can drown our sorrows at Collins Pub.
For anybody who wants some extra miles and those returning to Denville, we will stop at Rattlesnake Cantina and check out lifetime member Maribyrd playing an open mic.
Looking forward to howling with you all.

The Birdman.

PS. This month is also the 4th year for the Full Moon Adventures Bike Ride.
I remember when Dean mentioned the ride to me for the first time and I thought “This is a bad idea, who wants to ride in the dark?” Boy was I wrong. I’ve met some great friends and made many fond memories on this ride. I look forward to many more howling adventures.
I also realize what a nice job the “Dogman” does on this blog. Not only does he come up with some great rides, he also adds an after ride update. If you get a chance, go back and read some of the older posts. They bring back a lot of good memories. Thanks again Dean.


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