January 23, 2016 Werewolf Ride to The Stanhope House

17 Jan

During the full moon, the band I play with, Monster Truck Fan Club is playing at The Stanhope House in beautiful Stanhope, NJ.  It’s a pretty cool place w/ food & refreshments.  Naturally, I want to ride there!   The gig is from 9- about 12 for $5. Featuring Ratnip, Johnny Cab Suicide & Aguirre.  Meet up at 7pm, Denville clocktower.   Prepare for about 18 dark hilly miles each way.   I’m really looking forward to this!


Back To Back December Werewolf Rides. Saturday, December 26th and Sunday December 27th.

22 Dec

Update:  Sunday night ride is cancelled.  Bill will still be there if anybody still wants to ride.



Let’s end the year riding with back to back rides.

Saturday night December 26th,  meet up at the Morristown fountain on the Green at 7pm.

We’ll ride a dozen easy miles.   After ride food and drinks as usual.


Sunday night December 27th,  meet up at the Denville Clock Tower at 8pm.  Ride length yet to be determined.

Heavy rain cancels.  I will ride in light rain.   Bring lights;)


Ride Recap:

Saturday night:  Five of us took a spin to the edge of the Great Swamp.  There were lots of decorations and lights to keep the eyes occupied.   We rode back to Morristown via the Loantaka path and a Jerky break-Giraldo Farms path and Traction. Line.  One wolf had a flat toward the end but fixed it in no time at all.  Food and beers hit the spot at The Office.  We all rode from home and had to ride back in the rain.  Great ride.  Here are some pics.


Sunday Recap:  Ride was cancelled due to rain, however, lifetime member Bill took 2 other wolves out for a spin.  See his recap in the reply section.  Thanks Bill.

November 25th, 2015. Thanksgiving Eve Werewolf Ride.

23 Nov

Hey werewolves,  join me this Wednesday  9:00pm at Denville clock tower for an outing of undetermined length to who knows where.  As Dogman suggsested “Something audacious”.  Hope to see you there.


Ride Recap:

7 of us rode out of Denville on a chilly night.  We warmed up quickly as the ride started out climbing.  Split Rock bridge was not as spooky as I remember with all the lights surrounding it.  Audacious was the plan and we were not disappointed.  We climbed up to Wildcat Ridge Hawkwatch.  Sipping on some Dragon’s Milk and chewing beef jerky, we marveled the grand views of the valley below and the NYC skyline in the distance.  The ride back was dark and quiet, just the way I like it.  As we finished the ride, It did get cold as we saw evidence of that by some ice forming on a puddle in the parking lot.   Always a great time riding with the Wolves.  See ya next month.   Awoooooooo!

November 14, 2015 Beer Ride

2 Nov

Well, its that time of year again when we saddle up our steeds and take a ride up to one of our favorite breweries.

Let’s meet up at the clock tower in Denville at 11:30  http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4320577
We will enjoy a beautiful ride through the Rockaway Valley where we might get lucky and see some alpacas a yak and a llama. We’ll also check out some scenic views of the Butler Reservoir. The destination will be the High Point Brewery (14 miles one way). They will have a tour of the brewery starting at 2pm. Once there, we will be enjoying a nice selection of Ramstein beer. http://ramsteinbeer.com/flagships/
After we sample and load up with beer(I’m talking about loading up the panniers and porteur racks  ;), we’ll cycle back with beautiful views of the Boonton Reservoirs and Pyramid Mountain.
This will be a casual pace and a no drop ride. I will offer some challenges to anybody who wants a workout.

-Dean Dogman

October 24th, 2015 Werewolf Ride.

20 Oct

Let’s ride out of Morristown for a dozen or so easy miles. Meet me at the fountain on the Green this Saturday, October 24th for a 6:00 pm departure. Eat and drink options after ride as usual. Bring lights!!!



7 of us rode out of the brilliant colors of fall into the darkness of night and ventured to the Great Swamp.  As a group we decided to add some additional miles into the heart of the swamp.  We took a break at the overlook and enjoyed some really tasty beef jerky and washed it down with cold beer.  After a short climb out of the swamp, we enjoyed the serenity of Van Beuren road.

We decided to have a bite to eat at the Office.  Surprisingly, it was not too crowed and we got seated right away.  Great food accompanied by great friends made it another successful outing with the wolves.  Until the next time.

.    IMG_3808

September 27, 2015 – Lunar Eclipse Ride, Boonton

22 Sep

The man in the moon has a neat little show lined up for us on Sunday.  Lets meet up 9:00pm at Grace Lord Park in Boonton.  Check out the gmap link, we will meet at the top of the hill in the park, I think there is a town clock nearby the fountain, gazebo and playground.  We will saddle up and head uphill to enjoy the show.  There are quite a few hilltop viewing options around.  We can choose as we go.   Peak eclipse is around 10:30.  I hope to ride with you!


August 29th-30th. Werewolf Campout with the Stars.

11 Aug

It’s been a while since our last camping adventure.  This month’s ride will take us to   Jenny Jump State Park.  The park also has an observatory where we can stargaze.

We will be stopping at lifetime member Doug P’s house mid ride.  Doug, who is bringing a telescope, will lead us via some pretty back roads that include the Sussex Branch Trail.

Doug has also offered parking at his house for a shorter ride option of 24 miles.  Email me at pelter at aol dot com and I will give you an address.

For the longer option of 40 miles, meet me at the Denville clock tower for a 12:00pm departure.  We should arrive at Doug’s at approx 2:00pm.

Let’s get a headcount so I know what to reserve.  Campsites are $20/site for up to 6 people.

I am riding self supported (bringing all my gear  with me)  If anybody wants to volunteer car support, email me.



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