November 10, 2011 Werewolf Ride

27 Oct

Lets ride under the light of the Full Beaver Moon on Thursday November 10th at 7:30.   Meet up at Denville’s Clock Tower.  We can choose from a variety of routes with food & drink destinations.  Who is tempted to try the Denville Super Wolf, 20 miler, with 1k’ climbing with dirt roads & a rail trail option?  Or lets wander to Boonton along flat roads along hillsides with The Morris Canal, and a waterfall.  Bring lights. 


I was concerned that hosting a ride in the dark with incoming rain might not be a great idea. All the leaves in the road would be dampened and slick, visibility would be poor and it was already pretty cold out.

I’m glad I didn’t reschedule. I had guessed that anyone adventurous enough to actually want to come out and ride in these conditions would have the right stuff and come prepared to complete the ride safely.  Even though there was some wind and rain, we had a fun little ride.

So, 9 of us met at the clocktower and we decided to ride north into the river valley for a short easy trip towards Boonton and see when the rain might hit us. It was very misty, almost drizzling as we shoved off. River Road was awesome as usual, very secluded and very fun to ride in the tunnel of light that our bike lights cast. Near Powerville we hopped on the Morris Canal towpath for a few hundred feet, hopping logs and steering straight to avoid the canal on the left and river on the right. No problem. We regrouped and crossed the street to head to the Boonton Falls. There is a fun dirt path that follows the river. We stopped near the falls to gawk. I would love to see the hardy kayakers when they occassionally fly down these falls. After a 10 minute break, we continued down river and crossed the bridge high over some rapids and past the glacial erratica. Of course we howled. The drizzly mist turned to a bona fide rain with little whips of wind, it got colder but no one complained of cold after climbing the hillside where the Morris Canal inclined plane used to be. We continued tracing the old canal bed, rudely buried under some basketball courts, a park and a parking lot. We retraced our tire tracks, fought a little bit of wind and made it back to Denville no problem. Good job everyone, it was great riding with you.

Where do you want to go next month?  I cannot ride saturday dec. 10th but i think the 9th and 11th are good.


2 Responses to “November 10, 2011 Werewolf Ride”

  1. William J Harrington November 8, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    It looks like rain again.

  2. dean November 10, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

    forecast is saying 50% of very light rain around 9

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