Full Moon Adventure Rides – over 1 year in

14 Nov

The last year of rides have been awesome.  The wolves have collectively ridden over 1,000 miles.  There were no major mishaps, crashes or injuries.  I did lose a couple of friends on a narrow winding road but they found their way back to civilization. A few people showed up to ride over the summer without lights and when it eventually got dark they followed along in the beams from other riders lights.  It works ok, but it is really not ideal or legal.  We had no trouble from the law and only a couple of passing motorists have called us names.  Alot of people remark how safe they feel out riding at night.  Modern and well designed bicycle lights seem very bright when it is very dark.  Add some reflectives and it can feel like you stick out like a sore thumb.  I’ve been giving a short safety talk before most rides;  stop at stop signs & red lights, signal & call out turns, call out potholes & other road hazards, don’t run into each other.  I’ve been thinking of adding, don’t ride next to each other when automobiles are passing.  When pulling over to regroup, I’ve learned its very important to good pick a spot well off the roadway such as a dirt pull off or a secluded parking lot.  Can you think of anything we can do to make the rides even safer?

There are 16 lifetime members.  How are your spoke cards holding up?  If your spoke card is falling apart or if they’re too small let me know and I’ll give you an improved one.

In the coming year I’d love to integrate a train ride into the wolf ride.  We really should somehow make it out west to either Netcong or all the way to Hackettstown. The trains can easily get us out west but the last trains returning east generally end about 8pm, Bummer!  From Netcong its less than a 20 mile ride back to Denville, there are a couple of big hills but it’s a nice enough ride, we could probably work out an optional car ride back as well. We could also get out to NYC pretty easily if we want.  I’d like to have a ride out to a historic site to meet up with an expert guide to give us a proper tour.  I know some cave & old mine enthusiasts from the area, how cool would a night time mine tour be!  A bike & hike full moon adventure is a definite option I’ve been looking into as well.  Many of the past years rides were so good, I’d like to repeat them, giving them official ‘werewolf classic’ status.  What other towns should we start/end at.   Where are your favorite cycling roads?  Where are the cool carriage roads, old ravines,  dead ends that don’t really end and gated access roads?  Where are the good watering holes?  Is anyone interested in a full moon century ride?  Does anyone want to design their own wolf ride?  What weird or cool historic spots do you want to visit?

Thanks everyone for reading & riding.  I’ve gotten to know some really nice folks over the past year and we’ve had some great rides.  Everyones enthusiasm keeps me fired up & howling.


One Response to “Full Moon Adventure Rides – over 1 year in”

  1. Peter December 15, 2011 at 3:09 am #

    It’s been an amazing year for riding. When you first mentioned the Full Moon ride to me when we started, I wasn’t crazy about the idea. I figured it was not safe and what can you see on a night ride?. It didn’t take me long to realize how awesome these rides are.. I can’t believe how much fun night riding can be.
    I’ve got some ride ideas but not sure if they would go with the full Moon ride.
    Bike & Hike sounds like a great time. I think we should discuss this further with Douglas. He may even be albe to lead a night hike.
    I was also thinking Bike & Camp. This would have to be discussed if we would stealth camp or go to a campsite. Some people like to have a shower and do it legit. I kind of favor steath camping because you don’t have to deal with other campers who tend to make a lot of noise.
    And one last idea was a Bike & band ride. I figure we can do a ride and see a band perform. This may be tough for any of the performers to do the ride unless they have some really cool roadie friends to help them out while they ride.
    I’ve been routing some longer rides that qualify for a century. Not sure if I would want to do a century in the dark. I could see finishing in the dark though:)

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