November 8, 2014 Bicycle Beer Ride

30 Oct

Awooooooo!  I have not had time to do much fun riding lately and I miss the full moon werewolves!  I’m sure I have missed some great times!

I’m not sure if there will be a full moon ride in November or if we will just piggyback on Peter’s Beer Ride!  Always a highlight of the year for me, a really nice ride to an awesome destination.

Posting below on behalf of Peter. Thanks Birdman!  Hoping to hit the road with you guys!

-Dean Dogman

Well, its that time of year again when we saddle up our steeds and take a ride up to one of my favorite breweries. Here is the scoop.
Let’s meet up at the clock tower in Denville at 11:45 and plan on starting at noon.
We will enjoy a nice ride through the Rockaway Valley where we might get lucky and see some llamas. We’ll also check out some scenic views of the Butler Reservoir. The destination will be the High Point Brewing Co Inc Brewery (14 miles one way). They will have a tour of the brewery starting at 2pm. Once there, we will be enjoying a nice selection of Ramstein beer.
After we sample and load up with beer(I’m talking about loading up the panniers ;), we’ll cycle back with beautiful views of the Boonton Reservoirs and Pyramid Mountain.
This will be a casual pace and a no drop ride. I will offer some challenges to anybody who wants a workout.

I have yet to find out if there will be food at the brewery. I will update when I get more info.
.You might want to bring some snacks to keep you fueled before then.
I will try to have car support for bringing back growlers and a tired rider or two. If there are any volunteers, please contact me.
This is an open event, so please share it with anybody that might be interested.
Let’s ride/drink!


2 Responses to “November 8, 2014 Bicycle Beer Ride”

  1. Joy :D November 3, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

    i am car support for this ride! i can carry you and/or your growler back to Denville… i can’t make the ride, but i’ll be there to see everyone off and will meet you all at the brewery around 2 pm.

  2. Peter November 9, 2014 at 4:45 pm #

    Pics from the beer ride. Thanks to all who came out. We missed you Dogman and were thinking of you.


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