December 13th, 2014. Werewolf Ride

11 Dec

I miss riding with my fellow wolves. I know the full moon was last week but I say better late than never. I have not been riding much of late and my legs feel like lead. Lets do a short easy ride around Denville this Saturday night. We can make it an adventure and look for the coolest Christmas lights. I’m open to any suggestions.
Let’s meet up at the Denville clock tower at 7 pm with kickstands up at 7:15. As usual, we’ll get an after ride beer somewhere.

The Birdman.

Update: I just found out there will be many cool things happening this Saturday night. First, there is going to be the Geminid Meteor shower happening. We can climb the hill to the Sheep Hill Observatory and check it out.
After, we can coast down the hill to Poor Henry’s and check out Life member Maribyrd and her sister. Sisterly Harmonies with Kathy 🙂 Special Guests The Coteries!
Then after some great beer and music, we can take it easy riding through Mountain Lakes and check out their Christmas lights.
I did say it would be a short and easy ride. 14 miles and we will take it really slow up the big hill (I promise 😉

Recap:  I had 4 lifetime members join me for the ride.  We climbed up to the observatory pretty slow but that hill still kicks my butt no matter how you go up it.  On top we were greeted a cloudy sky and nobody else there.  For the hard effort put in, I rewarded us with some beer from my growler I brought up in my pannier.

Poor Henry’s was a really nice treat.  Great tunes from Sisterly Harmonies and the beer did not disapoint.  The ride back is just what we needed to burn off some of those calories.  Here are a few pics.  Until next time.

photo_1 photo_2 photo_3 photo_4 10846102_836835136360066_8318835980388508344_n


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