November 25th, 2015. Thanksgiving Eve Werewolf Ride.

23 Nov

Hey werewolves,  join me this Wednesday  9:00pm at Denville clock tower for an outing of undetermined length to who knows where.  As Dogman suggsested “Something audacious”.  Hope to see you there.


Ride Recap:

7 of us rode out of Denville on a chilly night.  We warmed up quickly as the ride started out climbing.  Split Rock bridge was not as spooky as I remember with all the lights surrounding it.  Audacious was the plan and we were not disappointed.  We climbed up to Wildcat Ridge Hawkwatch.  Sipping on some Dragon’s Milk and chewing beef jerky, we marveled the grand views of the valley below and the NYC skyline in the distance.  The ride back was dark and quiet, just the way I like it.  As we finished the ride, It did get cold as we saw evidence of that by some ice forming on a puddle in the parking lot.   Always a great time riding with the Wolves.  See ya next month.   Awoooooooo!


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