Back To Back December Werewolf Rides. Saturday, December 26th and Sunday December 27th.

22 Dec

Update:  Sunday night ride is cancelled.  Bill will still be there if anybody still wants to ride.



Let’s end the year riding with back to back rides.

Saturday night December 26th,  meet up at the Morristown fountain on the Green at 7pm.

We’ll ride a dozen easy miles.   After ride food and drinks as usual.


Sunday night December 27th,  meet up at the Denville Clock Tower at 8pm.  Ride length yet to be determined.

Heavy rain cancels.  I will ride in light rain.   Bring lights;)


Ride Recap:

Saturday night:  Five of us took a spin to the edge of the Great Swamp.  There were lots of decorations and lights to keep the eyes occupied.   We rode back to Morristown via the Loantaka path and a Jerky break-Giraldo Farms path and Traction. Line.  One wolf had a flat toward the end but fixed it in no time at all.  Food and beers hit the spot at The Office.  We all rode from home and had to ride back in the rain.  Great ride.  Here are some pics.


Sunday Recap:  Ride was cancelled due to rain, however, lifetime member Bill took 2 other wolves out for a spin.  See his recap in the reply section.  Thanks Bill.


3 Responses to “Back To Back December Werewolf Rides. Saturday, December 26th and Sunday December 27th.”

  1. Bill Harrington December 27, 2015 at 11:53 pm #

    I’m gonna be there around 7:45 pm. If it’s not raining that hard I was gonna do a loop around Splitrock, through Denmark Rd., through Rockaway Boro and back to Denville. Otrherwise I’ll drive home.


    • Bill Harrington December 28, 2015 at 7:35 am #

      We had three people tonight and headed towards Splitrock around 8:30. We took a water and beef jerky break at the reservoir parking lot where the very fine drizzle we had stopped for the rest of the night. Went through Picatinny Arsenal, down Mt. Hope Rd, Left on Hoagland towards Adams Beer Garden but kept on going. From there was Morris Ave. to Savage Rd. back to the clock exactly three hours later. No break downs and was a nice leisurely pace.

    • Peter December 29, 2015 at 12:22 am #

      Thanks for riding both nights. I put up some pics from Saturday night.

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