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March 2, 2018 Werewolf Ride

21 Feb

Friday, March 2nd, meet about 7pm at my house. I’ll have some beer a couple pizzas and a fire.  We’ll go for a great ride in the surrounding hills.  Spring fever is running high!  Lets share some fun bike trip ideas for this year.  I definitely have some harebrained ideas you guys will probably like.  8 West Rd, Boonton Township.


December 30, 2017 Werewolf Ride, my house

22 Dec

Hey wolves! Merry X-Mas, Happy Holidays!  Can you hang & ride one last time before 2018?  Saturday 12/30/17 meet up at my house, 8 West Rd, Boonton Township at about 4pm. I’ll have pizza, beers & a fire.  Lets plan our 2018 adventures!  I have a couple bmx bikes you can use to rail the pump track I’m digging in the side of my yard. Around sunset, we can go for a nice dirt/road ride into the surrounding hills. Let me know if you’re in.  Awooooooooooo, Dean

October 27, 2017 Halloween Ride, Morristown

25 Oct

Hey, Wolves!  Let meet up at the Bike & Walk Morristown Halloween Ride this Friday night.  Sounds fun, right?:


LAST CHANCE to ride in our end of month rides and it’s a doozy! A Very Spoke-y Halloween ride and it’ll be nice and dark so we can all show off our bike lights as well as our costumes. As is tradition from the last couple years, we’ll stop at the graveyard in back of the Presbyterian Church on the Green and do a nice little reading of ‘The Raven’ (or something new if anyone wants to suggest something spooky). So come! and bring friends! and kids! and dogs if they’ll stay in your bike basket! Friday, October 27th at 6:30–Meet at Whole Foods.

May 12, 2017 Super Wolf!

5 May

Meet up at Denville Town Clock on Friday, 5/12 at 8:30pm for the SplitRock Super Wolf Classic Ride. It’s a tough ride but the course rewards with plenty of solitude, dirt roads and big hills.   About 20 miles. Bring adequate lights, plenty of snacks & drink.  See you in the heart of the night… Awoooooooooo

Full Moon Adventure Werewolf Campout Jamboree, April 22-23, 2017

30 Mar

Lets camp!  I’m thinking 25 back road miles, maybe with a stop here and there, ending at Stephens State Park for the night.  Denville town clock rolling at 2pm sound okay?  I’m bringing Stromboli!  Adventure awaits…


Recap: By Birdman

What an amazing adventure!  The trip started with a light rain but it was barley noticeable.  Randolph Trails and Patriot’s Path were a nice way to avoid some exhaust fumes and enjoy some scenery.  This could have passed for a Weird New Jersey ride with our stop at “The Church of the Mystic Light”.   After that rest stop, it was time to fight gravity as we ascended River rd.   All that hard work made us thirsty for some fabulous beers at Jersey Girl Brewery.   We had such a good time there that we lost track of time and barley made it to camp with light to spare.  Our team set up camp and had a fire going in no time.  We enjoyed Dean’s Stromboli and some kielbasi as we listened to some classic MTFC.

The ride back, Bill lead us back via the very quiet Waterloo Valley road.  Stopping at Carmines Pizza in Netcong for a pepperoni pie hit the spot.   Bill continued to take us via the road less traveled and showed us some nice old foundations and also some nice lake views.

Looking forward to the next one.  Here are my pics.

September 24-25, 2016 Werewolf Campout

8 Sep

Allright!, lets go camping!  Stephens State Park in Hackettstown is a nice camp destination.  We camped there 3 years ago.  From Denville, it’s a  beautiful 32 mile ride with mostly quiet roads, some lakes, tunnels, couple of rail trails.  Typical rolling terrain with three sizeable ridges.  It’s a bit of a tough ride, but you know, we roll easy and always wait up.  Bring plenty of water & snacks.  Shorter options are available for the ride home. I’d like to arrive at camp with a bit of daylight left, so lets meet up at Denville clocktower at 3:30, rolling at 4.  Please bring lights just in case.  I’m not planning any car support or firewood drops.  Convenience stores, restaurants and liquor stores are close by camp.  I think we’ll do fine with found wood around the site, or if needed Hackettstown has a store with firewood bundles.   Psyched!  Hope you can make it!  Heavy steady rain cancels.  Let me know if you’re coming. Awooooo!  -Dogman

June 20, 2016 Werewolf Ride, Boonton

9 Jun

Hey everyone,

Monday night June 20, lets meet up near the clock in Grace Lord Park, Boonton about 9pm.  Bring lights.  We will ride somewhere fun!