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June 30, 2018 Werewolf Ride

28 Jun

Hey, Gang.  Lets meet at Denville Clocktower about 8:30pm for a ride.  Perhaps we will do the SuperWolf in reverse and check out the overlook.  There are fireworks in Montville we may be able to peep from up there.

Hope to see ya!

…Dogman & J-Rad killed the SuperWolf Classic counter clockwise in 3 hours flat.  Riding at night always feels fast and we really pushed the pace and did the loop along with a hike a bike up to Hawkwatch to catch some fireworks and the red moonrise:




May 27, 2018 – Three Native American Rock Shelters ride/hike

21 May

Let meet up 5/27 at 8pm in Grace Lord Park near the gazebo in Boonton. We usually blast through this park on bikes, this time lets hike it in the daylight and get up close & personal with shelter #1 Washington Rock (aka Indian Rock), its HUGE!

Next stop is in Parsippany at Rock House, shelter #2. I’ve never been here, looks like a short hike from the road.  Think we can find the petroglyphs?

Last stop is probably the most hidden and tough to find any info on, I was clued into this one by another lifetime member….   #3 Roc Etam in Denville

Wear walking shoes & a bring a flashlight, maybe some bug spray.   Bike lights are a must.  It’s about a 25 mile loop.  I will loop back to Boonton, but you may want to treat this as a point to point ride if it is more convenient for you.

Hope to see ya!

April 28-29, 2018. Bike Camping time!!!!

11 Apr

Pack up your panniers, batten down your baskets, stuff your bike-packing™ bags.  It’s been a long winter!!  Lets spin to Stephens State Park in Hackettstown to our reserved camp site.  Meet at Denville clocktower, ready to roll at 1pm on a great twenty-eight mile mixed terrain ride.  About ¼ offroad on well maintained paths with the remainder on mostly quiet roads.  Leisurely paced ride with regroups.  Bring some bucks for the site.  Food to share is cool!  Tons of options for food & refreshments in town a couple miles from camp.  Heavy steady rain cancels.  So psyched for this!! Adventure awaits!!!


What a nice time!   Wonderful company, fun riding on great roads and paths.  The weather was pretty nice.   Thanks for joining me on this fun trip, I look forward to the next one!

A few times conversation turned to Bicycle Quarterly’s influence… cyclotouring off the beaten path, front loads and fast fat tires. Here are some nice lines that for me conjure the essence of these fun trips:

“…this road is the gate to a hidden world that we are allowed to visit now and then. It’s a place where you live in the moment, where there are no obligations except to those to your companions, where all that counts is a bike that works and legs that can pedal.  The complexities and responsibilities of our daily lives are stripped down to an almost primal existence for a few days.  When we return, we are recharged for our daily lives.  Yet in idle moments, our minds wander to distant roads and glorious views.”

Heine, Jan. “Bike Test J.P. Weigle Randonneur” Bicycle Quarterly, Issue 50,  22-36. Print

March 31, 2018 Werewolf Ride

27 Mar

Lets spin into spring, away from those winter doldrums. Saturday, March 31st, if Ma Nature cooperates, lets meet at Denville Clocktower at 8pm for a ride.  Hoping to see ya during the full sap moon!

March 2, 2018 Werewolf Ride

21 Feb

Friday, March 2nd, meet about 7pm at my house. I’ll have some beer a couple pizzas and a fire.  We’ll go for a great ride in the surrounding hills.  Spring fever is running high!  Lets share some fun bike trip ideas for this year.  I definitely have some harebrained ideas you guys will probably like.  8 West Rd, Boonton Township.

December 30, 2017 Werewolf Ride, my house

22 Dec

Hey wolves! Merry X-Mas, Happy Holidays!  Can you hang & ride one last time before 2018?  Saturday 12/30/17 meet up at my house, 8 West Rd, Boonton Township at about 4pm. I’ll have pizza, beers & a fire.  Lets plan our 2018 adventures!  I have a couple bmx bikes you can use to rail the pump track I’m digging in the side of my yard. Around sunset, we can go for a nice dirt/road ride into the surrounding hills. Let me know if you’re in.  Awooooooooooo, Dean

October 27, 2017 Halloween Ride, Morristown

25 Oct

Hey, Wolves!  Let meet up at the Bike & Walk Morristown Halloween Ride this Friday night.  Sounds fun, right?:


LAST CHANCE to ride in our end of month rides and it’s a doozy! A Very Spoke-y Halloween ride and it’ll be nice and dark so we can all show off our bike lights as well as our costumes. As is tradition from the last couple years, we’ll stop at the graveyard in back of the Presbyterian Church on the Green and do a nice little reading of ‘The Raven’ (or something new if anyone wants to suggest something spooky). So come! and bring friends! and kids! and dogs if they’ll stay in your bike basket! Friday, October 27th at 6:30–Meet at Whole Foods.