February 11th, 2018. Werewolf Ride.

10 Feb

The weather is going to be damp but should be warmer than what we’re used to.    Meet up Sunday at the Morristown Green fountain at 4:45pm with kickstands up at 5.  Bring rain gear and lights.

Birdman steals the ball


January 13th, 2018. Werewolf Bowling Night.

8 Jan

Babe it’s cold outside so let’s go bowling! Meet up at the Denville Clock Tower  at 5pm this Saturday night.  We’ll take a easy spin to Boonton Lanes.  Round trip distance will be approx. 15 miles.

Anybody who rides with a bowling ball will be treated to a free game.

If your lucky, you might see some turkeys or maybe even a chicken!


The Birdman in his early years.

Well grab your shoes, and grab your balls And lets head to those heavenly halls Sit on down and grab a beer Because bowling time is pretty near Tortured men forget their pain When they head to the bowling lane

Let’s go bowling Let’s go bowling, got a

Let’s go bowling, for a free game Let’s go bowling Let’s go bowling, let’s go bowling Let’s do it now

Because wrestlemania’s fine by me Monster trucks are a sight to see A culture like that’s nice and all But there ain’t nothing better than a bowling ball You know the sport that God would choose Is the one with the three-tone leather-sole shoes

Ride Recap:  It was a cold night with some fierce howling winds.  Thank goodness for Foxwear clothing.  Bowling was really fun.  I had some great competition especially from Bill, who beat me by 2 pins the first game.  In game 2, Dean was high roller 169 with a turkey as well.  Thank you John H for treating for all the games and Jared for bringing coupons.  Andrew bought us pizza.  Lots of beers too.  Thanks again.  On the ride back, the gorge in Grace Lord Park were a sight to be seen and heard.  I really liked the ice formations on the overhanging trees.  Thanks for the ride guys.  See you next month.


December 30, 2017 Werewolf Ride, my house

22 Dec

Hey wolves! Merry X-Mas, Happy Holidays!  Can you hang & ride one last time before 2018?  Saturday 12/30/17 meet up at my house, 8 West Rd, Boonton Township at about 4pm. I’ll have pizza, beers & a fire.  Lets plan our 2018 adventures!  I have a couple bmx bikes you can use to rail the pump track I’m digging in the side of my yard. Around sunset, we can go for a nice dirt/road ride into the surrounding hills. Let me know if you’re in.  Awooooooooooo, Dean

December 16th, Werewolf Ride. Holiday Lights Denville/Rockaway Edition.

11 Dec

We had such a good time on last years Holiday Lights Ride, I want to do it again.

Join me for a 12 mile ride that will feature the famous holiday lights of “The Rockaway House”.

The mind-boggling lights display at “that house in Rockaway” has a special touch—a desk in the front yard where kids can write their very own letters to Santa. And, while they’re there, they can watch their wishes travel to Santa’s sleigh up on the rooftop.

Meet up this Saturday at the Denville clock tower at 4:45pm with kickstands up at 5:00pm sharp.

Ride Stats:

Distance is 12 miles.

No drop ride.

Terrain:    Paved roads.  Some gentle hills in the Rockaway area.

Bring headlights and rear lights for your bike.  Holidays bike lights are optional.

After ride food and drinks at Thatcher McGhee’s.

December 3rd, 2017. Werewolf Ride.

30 Nov

Let’s ride on the Full Cold Moon this Sunday night.  Meet up at the Morristown Green fountain at 4:45pm with kickstands up at 5.  I have not been riding much lately so let’s do an easy spin.  15 miles or so.  After ride beers as usual.  Wolves will decide where.  Revolution?  The Office?  Hops?  Ahwoooooooo!


Ride Recap:

Another amazing full moon ride!  Four of us ventured out on a chilly Sunday night.  It seemed like we had the roads to ourselves.  We had some really nice views of the super moon all along the ride.  We stopped often and exchanged stories with each other.  The Glynallyn castle was a neet place to stop.  We tried to capture some pictures but they never do it justice.  You really have to be there.  Finishing up at Revolution with great food and beers and most important, great company.  Thanks for the ride.    Awhoooooo!

November 4th, 2017. Werewolf Ride

2 Nov

This Saturday at 5:00pm,  meet at the fountain on the Morristown Green.   How does the  Morristown Classic sound?  Bring lights!  After ride food and drinks at Revolution.  Hope to see you out there.


October 27, 2017 Halloween Ride, Morristown

25 Oct

Hey, Wolves!  Let meet up at the Bike & Walk Morristown Halloween Ride this Friday night.  Sounds fun, right?:


LAST CHANCE to ride in our end of month rides and it’s a doozy! A Very Spoke-y Halloween ride and it’ll be nice and dark so we can all show off our bike lights as well as our costumes. As is tradition from the last couple years, we’ll stop at the graveyard in back of the Presbyterian Church on the Green and do a nice little reading of ‘The Raven’ (or something new if anyone wants to suggest something spooky). So come! and bring friends! and kids! and dogs if they’ll stay in your bike basket! Friday, October 27th at 6:30–Meet at Whole Foods.